Testing Guide

  • To test our services, you should have available testnet tokens in your wallet. If you don't have any testnet tokens available, you can acquire some at the testnet faucet: https://testnet.faucet.injective.network/

  • The endpoints on your Keplr wallet for the Injective chain need to point to testnet.

    • For Keplr 1.0 you can find those settings in Settings -> Endpoints: Injective

    • For Keplr 2.0 you can find those settings in Settings -> Advanced -> Change Endpoints

    • RPC: https://k8s.testnet.tm.injective.network:443

    • LCD: https://k8s.testnet.lcd.injective.network

  • After this you would be able to connect your wallet to the app and test it out.

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