The INS is set out to execute a roadmap which is as follows:

  1. Refactoring and MVP Mainnet Release Preparation

  • We recently redesigned the prototype app’s UI and created the landing page. We would further optimize and improve the UI in order to provide an easy-to-use interface for the users.

  • Perform a thorough code review and refactor the existing contracts to ensure they are optimized, secure, and ready for mainnet release.

  • The refactor will enable the resolving and inverse resolving of multiple names to support a scalable name service.

  • Conduct rigorous testing and security audits to identify and fix any vulnerabilities or bugs.

  • Set up a testnet environment for the MVP and invite users and developers to provide feedback and report issues.

  1. Staking to Named Validators and Address Bridging

  • Integrate the staking to named validators feature to enable users to bypass the complicated validator address scheme.

  • Integrate the bridges such that they enable users to bridge their assets to named addresses, facilitating seamless interoperability.

  1. Name Expiry, Marketplace and Auction Bidding System

  • Design and implement a name expiration process to ensure that unused or abandoned names are released back into the pool.

  • Define the rules and criteria for name expiration, including the duration of inactivity required for a name to expire, making them available for registration by other users.

  • Develop a marketplace where users can buy, sell, and auction registered domains.

  • Implement an auction bidding system that allows users to bid on high-demand domain names.

  • Integrate a bidding mechanism that handles auction time extensions, bid increments, and winner determination.

  1. SDK Development and Ecosystem Integration

  • Develop an Ins-SDK (Injective Name Service Software Development Kit) that provides easy-to-use tools and libraries for integrating the Injective Name Service into other dApps and projects.

  • Document the SDK and provide comprehensive examples and guides to facilitate integration by developers.

  • Collaborate with ecosystem partners and actively encourage the integration of the Injective Name Service into their platforms and applications.

  1. Open-Source Release, DAO Launch, and Token Distribution

  • Open-source the entire project, including the contracts, SDK, and relevant documentation.

  • Establish a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to govern the future development and decision-making of the name service.

  • Conduct a token launch to distribute the protocol fees collected by the name service and provide governance power for the DAO.

  • Launch a community-driven governance process to allow token holders to participate in voting and decision-making regarding protocol upgrades, fee distribution, and other DAO actions.

  1. Beyond the Cosmos

  • After the designated roadmap, we are eager to push the boundaries and let the whole Cosmos ecosystem use the Injective Name Service with IBC and CosmWasm.

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