How It Works

  1. Resolver

  • Resolving

Users can verify the address associated with the registered name by searching the registered name.

  • Inverse Resolving

In the address to resolve section, users can search for the address associated with the registered name to confirm it.

  1. Registrar

  • Registering

Users can use our dapp to check the availability of the name they want to use in connection with their addresses. If the name is accessible, they can take it for a limited time before having the option to renew it. Register names may contain only letters (non-case-sensitive).

  1. Transfer

  • Transferring name

The transfer option allows users to move the names they acquired from one address to another.

  1. Wallet

  • Send to name

Users can transfer various tokens to other wallets using either their names or addresses by selecting the "send to name" option.

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