Product Description

The goal of the Injective Name Service, or INS for short, is to make the entire Injective DeFi ecosystem more accessible to users of all skill levels. Addresses may be challenging to get around, whether the user is experienced in cryptography or not. With the help of short, simple names in place of lengthy, complex public addresses, this service will make it simpler for users to transfer and receive cryptocurrency, interact with smart contracts, and perform other functions. A more user-friendly method of accessing and using cryptocurrencies has become more crucial as their acceptance continues to rise. The existing method of employing lengthy sequences of random characters as public addresses is not only challenging to recall but also prone to mistakes when manually entered. Due to careless address entry errors, numerous users have lost their money. With the help of an attractive and simple user interface, users can quickly look up other names or register their name with the INS so that it will be associated with their address. Users can currently resolve names to addresses using the system's reverse resolution functionality. This is highly helpful when integrated into wallets so that users may always know to whom they are sending money or whose contract they are interacting with.

Users can transfer their registered names to others using the dapp's name transfer functionality. This opens up the possibility of developing the name and domain marketplace we intend to establish in the future. We are also willing to work together with other teams developing INS integration tools.

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